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The legislative process is never as neat and tidy as it looks on paper. Clients need an experienced guide to help them navigate the process and carefully monitor progress. Sharon Geuea Jones knows the players and the culture and can help clients find and pursue the most effective course to accomplish their legislative goals. 

Legislative Advocacy


Drafting new laws and regulations is an art as well as a science. Every word has consequences and careful research should be done to ensure the language has the intended effect. Whether it is reviewing an already drafted law or starting from a blank page, Sharon Geuea Jones has the experience and skill necessary to help clients be effective and successful in their policy goals.

Policy Language Drafting

Election Day

Campaign finance law in Missouri has changed a lot over the last two years. Whether you are a candidate, an issue campaign, a donor, or an independent committee, you need someone you can trust to keep your name out of the headlines. Sharon Geuea Jones is available to clients to answer small urgent questions or to do a full review of their structures and practices. She also assists clients in protecting their electoral victories or keeping their names on the ballot. 

Election Law & Campaign Compliance


A brand new regulatory structure and market place is opening in Missouri. The first round of applications has closed, but the market is still evolving. Sharon Geuea Jones can assist clients in shaping medical cannabis policy and in maintaining their license

Medical Cannabis Licensing and Compliance

 Scales of Justice

Even the best attorneys can use some back up from time to time. Appellate brief writing and Constitutional challenges have different requirements from any other court document. Novel legal issues require hours of detailed research. Most attorneys in small firms do not want to put the rest of their practice on hold to work on a single sticky issue in a single case. Sharon Geuea Jones contracts with attorneys and their firms to provide additional research and writing support on a case-by-case basis.

Legal Research and Brief Writing

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